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VoIP Phone Solutions

Traditional phone systems are no longer adequate in keeping up with today’s need for progressive communication. To this end, it comes to no surprise that VoIP phone systems are quickly gaining popularity among small businesses. VoIP phone systems deliver voice communication over the Internet, allowing you to save costs while enjoying enterprise-level features and expand your communication like never before.

VoIP solutions from IT Simplicity equips you with advanced telephony system that allows you to do more while paying less. Keep your employees connected, boost collaboration and make sure you never miss your client’s call again.

Communicate more effectively  including call routing, call forwarding, video conferencing and presence indicator, amongst many others
Lowered phone bills
Boost in accessibility from anywhere with an Internet connection
Mobile device extension including tablet or smartphone
Enhanced communication within your organization
Increased productivity with seamless communication and bandwidth utilization
Fast deployment and 24/7 support for your peace of mind

Communicate more effectively and boost customer satisfaction with VoIP solutions from IT Simplicity.