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Server Support

Optimize your core technology infrastructure

Workstations and servers within organizations are often neglected with no proper backup. This could be the biggest mistake your business makes, since your most critical documents, projects and creative work are all stored on these machines. So if you don’t have a proper backup plan in place, isn’t it time you give yourself peace of mind knowing your business will survive even if the worst should happen?

IT Simplicity’s Server Support solutions offer one efficient backup system easily managed with a single console. Enjoy world-class protection and a flexible disaster recovery solution that ensures all your data is safe and secure, no matter what.

Benefits of Our Server Support Services
Industry-leading backup technology that captures your entire system
Fast recovery that ensures you’re back up and running within minutes
Powerful data recovery for anything from a single email to an entire server
Advanced backup features that reduce network consumption and storage costs
Alerts to notify administrators when service issues are detected
Increased security with best-in-class multi-layer protection
Regulatory compliance that covers a wide range of industry requirements

Without proper workstation and server backups in place, you could lose all critical data and waste more time and money retrieving them than you could imagine. Is that a road you can afford to go down?