Why should you invest in an Security Camera system for your home or business? What makes IP Security Cameras the better option than CCTV?

CCTV also know as analog camera systems were a common solution in luxury homes, restaurants, malls, hotels, retail and other public places for decades. Now, thanks to easier installation and affordable pricing, IP Security Cameras are becoming the popular choice for security-conscious homeowners and business owners. IP Security Cameras can be bought on their own, or as part of a whole security package. Costs range based on features and clarity. You will need to buy some equipment to accompany the camera, depending on what type you choose, such as connectors and a digital video recorder (DVR) to store and view the footage. You can also buy dummy cameras.  IP Camerasis just one line of defense against crime and works best when combined with other measures, such as a burglar alarm, door and window locks, gravel around your property and security lights. How home CCTV systems work Wired home CCTV systems These are the most common and cheapest type of camera, where a wire plugs directly from the camera to the monitor. The downside is that the wires, including extension cables and connectors, are outdated.

IP Security Cameras made easy:
Installation from a licensed contractor
Image Resolution – All analog video cameras use the NTSC analog video standard, which was created in the 1950s. No matter what the camera’s manufacturer claims the image quality is, it is still being transmitted and recorded using this standard. For example, a 1.3 MP IP camera (generally the lowest resolution camera on the market) has almost 4 times the resolution of an analog camera. With this added resolution, faces become clearer, license plates become easier to read and larger areas can be covered by a single camera.
UPS specification and on-site installation and support
Inventory check with labeling and serial number recording
Installation of hardware and security solutions
Installation and configuration of software solutions and camera management solutions
Multi-user access console NVR
Rackmount installation if needed
Installation of CAT6 data cables

IT Simplicity’s experts and establishment masters have more than 15 years of involvement with Closed Caption Television (CCTV), observation cameras, recording and checking, and advanced information stockpiling. Our customers cover the extent from private home security solutions to commercial enterprises and organizations.

With advanced information reconnaissance, the client can get to organize frameworks and outwardly oversee data from anyplace on the planet at whenever. The benefits of the CCTV field is having authoritative mindfulness and control. IT Simplicity has numerous protected projects that track and deal with our own advance.

In a joint effort with our talented staff and proficient expert group, IT Simplicity constantly attempts to enhance itself and offer more for our customers.

CCTV Network Operations Center

Remote observing, support, and diagnostics of all Network/CCTV gadgets

Reacting to more than 50 bolster calls a day

Investigate cameras and other related hardware

Open tickets to track and report the determination of issues

Guaranteeing nonstop task of servers and administrations keeping “downtime” to a base

Screen Network availability and steadiness

Routine Maintenance on CCTV System

Facilitate, Plan, and Execute new hardware introduces

Our security specialists have years of experience and expertise in designing and implementing security infrastructure to meet your specific needs. Partner with us and you’ll never worry about your telecommunications facilities again.