Office Moving Service Options

Moving from office another can be an overwhelming project for any business to overcome. You rely on your computer, software and business suite to stay competitive and deliver exceptional services. But computer system updates, account set up and software installation can be time consuming and quite mind boggling. This is where IT Simplicity come in.

We offer computer system updates, account set up, cabling and software installation that ensures your computers work correctly from the start and run seamlessly as they should.


Complete Office Moving Solutions:
Computer, keyboard, monitor, mouse and speaker setup
Installation of critical system updates with automatic updates configuration
Creation of user accounts
Start-up and shutdown optimization
Clean up of menu, quick launch and taskbar shortcuts
Removal of unwanted programs and software
Installation and update of Internet security software
Email account setup
Creation and restoration of media on USB drive
Installation of one hardware device including printer, external hard drive, video cards, etc.

IT Simplicity’s Office Moving services offers everything you need to get your computer up and running at peak performance. No more operational glitches that slow you down. Enjoy a boost in productivity and simplify your complex business processes like never before.