Network Security solutions

With the stakes so high, Security should be a top priority for every business owner. Attacks and even accidents can lead to disaster for your organization, and can ultimately end up closing you down. From spam to viruses and web-based threats, you can count on Security solutions from IT Simplicity to protect you and your company.

We pride ourselves on offering cost-effective Security solutions that are both easy to get started with and include ongoing support and updates – because there’s little point in having the latest protection if it quickly becomes outdated. What’s more, we partner with best-in-class Security vendors, allowing us to deliver powerful security Solutions without breaking the bank.

network data security

Ensure the success of your business.
Streamlined Business Processes – Get more done with fewer IT resources.
Secure Email – With protection from viruses, spam, worms and more.
Firewalls and VPNs – Protect your entire network infrastructure.
Intrusion Detection – As well as prevention systems with real-time monitoring.
Antivirus and Content Security – That inspect web and mail traffic, and remove malware, spyware, Trojans, viruses and worms.
Endpoint Security – For access control and prevention of virus infections.
Easier Searches – For pain-free access to email and other records.
Cost Savings – Our flat monthly fee gives you all the protection you need.
24/7 seamless support – We are at the ready whenever you need us.

Don’t leave your business vulnerable to the threats and ransom ware.