Secure your business and it’s mobile devices.

IT Simplicity understands that mobile devices today are deeply connected with back-end IT systems and need advanced security that goes far beyond email and data protection. To that end, IT Simplicity has designed our Mobile Security service to ensure exactly that.

Mobile Security from IT Simplicity offers secure connectivity, protection from malware, security-rich access and robust shield against data and application breach. We protect your confidential information and the privacy of your users even when they take these mobile devices outside of your organization.

mobile security

Benefits of Mobile Security:
Managed mobility and proliferation of smartphones, tablets and handheld devices for secure access to business data.
Robust protection of your confidential information from attacks
Detection and isolation of compromised apps and devices
Protection from rogue or compromised Wi-Fi hotspots
Wireless infrastructure that connects people to the information they need

By managing all security controls through a single point of management even if you’re off premise.
On-site business security systems that means awareness around the clock
Pay as you go pricing for easy budgeting
24×7 support whenever you need us

A breach of security to your mobile devices could cause more disruption than not having the devices in the first place. With Mobile Security solutions from IT Simplicity, you can count on your mobile devices benefiting from the same protection as your other in-house technology.